I SPY SOUL ‘n’ Artimacy for Black Music Month

Regular visitors to I SPY SOUL have become familiar with Afternoon Jazz host of renowned jazz station WBGO, Keanna Faircloth. She herself has not only been featured here highlighting the fresh new voice and perspective she brings to the storied institution, but so too have episodes of the splendid interview platform she created called, The Pulse, which airs live on the WBGO Facebook page and in rebroadcast here on I SPY SOUL . The series presents an outstanding array of burgeoning and acclaimed artists with a common strand of jazz, but with a mix of other musical influences. Since our interview with Keanna and sharing some of the great episodes from The Pulse what became clear was that she, and I SPY SOUL  founder, Bert Caldwell were clearly kindred spirits with similar missions. 

Faircloth has also created an outstanding podcast platform called Artimacy. As it is described, Artimacy with K. Charles (aka Keanna Faircloth) which airs on DC Radio 96.3 HD4 and online at www.dcradio.gov, is “where art and intimacy collide, providing an in-depth view of what inspires the artist to create.” This just further confirms the parallelism of our goals. As is proclaimed on the “about” page, I SPY SOUL is a “portal to insightful conversations with an eclectic mix of accomplished artists and individuals from burgeoning to legendary that focuses on the essence of who they are, what they create and why.”

Needless to say, it felt like the universe was instructing them to do something together. That something has ultimately resulted in Bert Caldwell joining Keanna Faircloth on a very special episode of Artimacy in celebration of Black Music Month. 

Joining them on this very special episode are three accomplished artists – vocalist, songwriter and proclaimed “Queen of Indie Soul,” Conya Doss, burgeoning and acclaimed Rap artist, JSWISS and Grammy-nominated, husband and wife duo, The Baylor Project.  Perfect for Black Music Month they wonderfully represent the spectrum of black music.

For insightful conversations with great surprises and a playlist of brand new music from the guests and timeless gems, check out the rebroadcast below: 

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