Alvin Frazier stirs up waves of love on RIVER

Alvin Frazier is in the truest sense, a modern day Renaissance man. He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer who’s released two acclaimed albums Love & Faith: Vol. 1 and A Wonderful Love: Love & Faith Vol. 2 which produced the hit duet with vocalist Cassandra Stewart,  “Something to Remember”.  He’s also shared the stage with acclaimed artists such as  George Clinton, Eric Roberson, The Ohio Players, Conya Doss, Kenny Lattimore, Avery Sunshine, and Angie Stone to name a few and is now the bassist for Grammy-winning, legendary R&B act, Dazz Band. Add to that, he’s also an experienced stage and screen actor who has appeared in films like Miles Ahead with Don Cheadle and the Academy Award winning film, Judas & The Black Messiah

As with many artists the year plus shutdown by way of the pandemic presented hands full of time but like many of them, for Frazier, giving in to it being idle was not an option.  This time presented the pre-pandemic, always busy artist the opportunity to complete and release his latest project, RIVER

RIVER is a soulfully seductive and convincing case made for the parallels between the ebb and flow of love and relationships and the ever changing rippling flow of a river. Quite an astute analogy and concept for Frazier to come up with that he shares in our interview was kind of divine revelation. It’s also fittingly consistent with his penchant for genuine R&B where storytelling, infectious grooves and intimate vibes are the staples. Needless to say, engaging accomplished voices are a must as well and Frazier comes well equipped with that too. He’s also enlisted a few more by way of features from acclaimed soul-stirrer, Grammy®-nominated singer/songwriter, Eric Roberson (“Gone Gyrl”) and talented, burgeoning vocalist Toni LaNiece (“Girl with the Broken Wing”). Check out my interview with Alvin Frazier to find out how the concept for RIVER was born, how the title track almost didn’t make the project and how an impromptu playing of “Gone Gyrl” during a car ride for an audience including acclaimed artist Robert Glasper led to it’s place on RIVER.

RIVER is available now to check out and purchase at as well as all other major music outlets.

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Marcus Machado delivers a stunning new interpretation of the color purple.

Marcus Machado is no stranger to the I SPY SOUL platform. Five years ago we shined a light on the virtuosic guitarist who since being acknowledged as a bonafide prodigy as a child, had been wowing audiences and notable artists alike. A suggested look back at that feature HERE will reveal why more high profile looks were likely on the horizon or have in fact, come to fruition. Before and leading up to the pandemic, the sought-after Machado was in addition to performing and recording as a lead artist, successfully juggling a dizzying schedule of work and performances with artists like vocalist Jose James, iconic DJ/Producer, Pete Rock, standout drummer, Daru Jones, Grammy-winning artist, Anderson.Paak, and with sibling, burgeoning producer Vicky Casis as part of their production team, Mach 7 Muzik to name just a few.

He’d also scored the music for the critically acclaimed hip hop documentary, Contact High as well as worked with Grammy-winning artist, Robert Glasper on the score for the Emmy-winning HBO documentary, The Apollo about the historic Harlem theater. He also worked with Glasper and Grammy-winning vocalist Lalah Hathaway on the NAACP Award winning documentary Mr.Soul which made it to the Academy Awards shortlist. 

So when the pandemic arrived and brought everything to a sobering, screeching halt, Marcus Machado had no choice but to … seemingly be as busy as if nothing were stopped at all.  The Mach 7 Muzik duo released two hip hop laced EPs, Black Summer Again, and Black Summer Vol.2As part of the supergroup Th1rt3en he joined rapper phenomenon, Pharoahe Monch, and the Grammy- winning, Daru Jones to release the trenchant, rock/hip hop gem,  A Magnificent Day For An Exorcism. The project, widely acclaimed, encouraged performances on the Stephen Colbert show and NPR’s popular Tiny Desk series along with several epic visuals. He performed live streams with Jose James and Pete Rock & The Soul Brothers whose project, Petestrumentals 3, on which he also appears, dropped late 2020. He and sister, Vicky Casis even created QSTV, a hip and innovative, bi – weekly program streaming live on YouTube that features a spectrum of accomplished creatives via live and recorded performances, DJ sets, music videos, interviews and more. 

Oh and one more thing, Marcus Machado released his long anticipated, debut album, Aquarius Purple, on vinyl in late February of this year and just recently on all other platforms. It is a triumphant and comprehensive display of not only the consummate guitar skills for which he is known, but as a producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist as well. Featuring frequent collaborators, Daru Jones, Grammy-winning vocalists, Jermaine Holmes and Ahrel Lumzy, accomplished rap artist, JSWISS as well as producer and multi-instrumentalist, TFOX, it is being considered one of the best releases of the year thus far.  

On the I SPY SOUL podcast edition interview, we talk to Marcus Machado about the new album, his near experience meeting Prince that inspired, “Her” and much more. BC

Featured Photo: Robert Adam Mayer

The following tracks were played during the course of the interview:

Opening and closing music: Dillafornia 6 by Daniel Crawford

“New Thangz” featuring DJ Spinna from the EP, 29 by Marcus Machado

“Let’s Play”, “AQ Intro” (Night Owl Child), “Black Psychedelic Funk” and “Her”

all from the new album, Aquarius Purple by Marcus Machado

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Ben Williams declares people still need to know, “I Am A Man”


Bassist, composer and vocalist Ben Williams was one of the busiest and sought-after players on the scene prior to the pandemic. The Grammy-winning musician has been a first-call bassist for many elite artists for more than a decade with a sterling resume that includes work with Robert Glasper, Kamasi Washington, Pat Metheny, Nicholas Payton, José James, Marcus Strickland and so many more.  So certainly, like most artists and musicians, the reality of the resulting shut down was mind-boggling, life-altering and incredibly disappointing.

But there was another layer of disappointment for Williams as well. That’s because he found opportunity and was in the midst of touring and performing as a leader in support of his instantly acclaimed third album, the compelling, I AM A MAN released in February 2020. Borrowing its title from the signs held high during the consequential 1968 Memphis sanitation strike where 1,300 black sanitation workers walked off the job, protesting awful working conditions, racism and discrimination, Williams’ project sought to shine a light on the continued racial injustice and inequality experienced by African – Americans in America. 

The pandemic seemed like it would steal the spotlight, momentum and most importantly, message of the project away. In the most twisted of ways that would have almost been preferred when you consider that the alternative would be some of the most alarming examples of what Williams’ I AM A MAN spoke to. There was news and video surfaced about shootings of Ahmaud Arbury, Breonna Taylor and alas, the horrific scene shown the world over – the killing of George Floyd, which of course led to mammoth protest, unrest and conversation about racism and change. For us all the pandemic hit with huge, unicorn-like proportion and out of nowhere, but sadly the killings where an almost inevitable occurrence and Williams’ I AM A MAN provided a powerful and prophetic soundtrack. 

In addition to talking about what influences his bass playing; his emergence as a vocalist; the confines of being labeled a jazz artist and more, in this special I SPY SOUL podcast edition interview, Williams shares why pushing this project continues to be so very important to him and toward a continued goal of change.

The following tracks were played during the course of the interview. Click the title links for full track:

“Half Steppin'” from the album Coming of Age

“Promised Land” from I AM A MAN

“If You Hear Me” from I AM A MAN

“Take It From Me” from I AM A MAN

“High Road”(Instrumental) from I AM A MAN (Instrumentals)

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Carmen Rodgers wants to say “Hello”

Since breaking out on the scene with her stunning debut Free, vocalist and songwriter, Carmen Rodgers has garnered a very faithful fanbase of soul music-loving cognoscenti and accomplished peers. She emerged in the early 2000’s and became part of a top-tier class of vocalists and artists that fueled the already fertile resurgent or “Neo soul” crusade.  Dropping subsequent winning projects like The Bitter Suite, which houses the arresting track “It’s me” and Stargazer, boasting amongst others the passionate and idyllic duet, “Charge” with soulful crooner, Anthony David, stoked the fires of adoration. Then there’s her work over the years as part of popular, Grammy-nominated unit, The Foreign Exchange, helmed by revered rapper and vocalist, Phonte and multi-instrumentalist/producer, Nicolay. Add to that, as well, her performances with fellow Exchange comrade, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Zo, and it’d be a fair guess that Rodgers has solidified her place in the hearts of those ardent fans. But that said, there’s still a chance you may not be one of those . . . yet. 

As Carmen Rodgers shares in our video interview, she does want to reach you too and has released what will serve as a splendid introduction in the form of her new EP, aptly called, Hello Human Vol. 1. For many fans it will be a welcome reunion as this is her first project since the drop of Stargazer in 2015. The time in between is certainly a testament to how busy the talented artist has been performing and touring.  

Really, be it newcomer or already snagged, Rodgers has something for you both on the project, offering her beautifully toned, wonderfully skilled, and mesmeric vocals in a context of hip progressive soul with a classic appeal. The collection keenly explores the very human condition as it pertains to relationships, something Rodgers admits is a favored subject, with tracks like the clever, role reversed, “No Good” and lead single, “Again and Again” produced by Nicolay. However, it also features in the epic track, “Say So” especially earnest advice in the wake of the adversity 2020 unearthed and the unknowing canvas the new year is still constructing. Carmen Rodgers, of course, hopes you’ll embrace all of Hello Human, Vol 1, but in the I SPY SOUL interview she explains why she believes, “Say So” is so important for us all, herself included, especially now. She also shares what inspires her writing and the kind of artist she isn’t afraid to be called.

Check out Hello Human Vol. 1 on all major platforms including HERE on Spotify

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Nick Rolfe has found another way to lift people up

We’ve made it to 2021 or perhaps better said, out of 2020. Although there are some significant changes in place and progress has been made on the virus front, we’re still in the midst of some very challenging times and issues that need to be addressed. 

Few have gone unscathed by the enormity of the situation we’ve been in. Included in that count of the greatly impacted are artists and performers of all kinds. When the virus reared its ugly head and eliminated a slew of performances for them around the world the blow was swift, mind-blowing and for the vast majority, life – altering. What to do was the universal question and the answer for most of them after the initial “dear in the headlights” pause, was somewhat the same. Survival economically and mentally was, needless to say, paramount as well as to immediately ponder how long this would last.

Many have seized the time to reflect, refocus, practice and create to varying degrees. Some, like the greatly accomplished keyboardist, singer and songwriter Nick Rolfe have done that and more, like rescue people and save lives. Yes, you read the last part right. Rolfe, who has over his career released impressive projects as a leader and performed with the likes of Sting, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, Idina Menzel, Busta Rhymes, India Arie, Ledisi, and the incomparable Aretha Franklin, has been part of a search and rescue team tasked with braving the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and removing folks from life – threatening situations. That included, this past summer, the added need and danger brought on by some of the worst wildfires the west coast has seen in years. But this is not something new for Rolfe. He actually became part of the volunteer rescue team before the pandemic. However, what he knew before but became even more evident with his ability to devote more time was how much he loved doing it. It’s understandable. Imagine losing something as rewarding as bringing smiles to faces ( including his own) through live musical performance and getting to replace it with bringing smiles to the faces of family members ( and yes, his own) with the return of loved ones rescued from wild fires or life – threatening injury in mountainous terrain.  What’s not to love? 

With the uncertainty of just what the new normal will be for artists and performers, Rolfe knows first hand from speaking with fellow musicians that for many of them options beyond music will have to be a consideration when the “smoke” clears.  But for some, because of discoveries made during this dormant time of performing, they now may have choices not explored before.

In the video interview below Nick Rolfe speaks about doing and missing two things he loves a lot and allowing himself to make a choice about what the future holds. 

Bert Caldwell

feature photo: Nick Drukker

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