Here, from the original launch of I SPY SOUL™ in 1999 is a segment of what was written to explain the catalyst for the site:

“Many have become frustrated and disenchanted with the major media outlets because of what they choose to give exposure to on a regular basis. In acknowledgment of the burgeoning number of those who thirst for quality, uniqueness and variety in music as well as for the wealth of talent deserving of more exposure, I SPY SOUL was born.”

And so indeed, I SPY SOUL was launched as an on-line magazine featuring project and live performance reviews as well as artists profiles and information about the small number of  venues, stores and radio programs that were giving exposure to the music. The response was amazing with ultimately tens of thousands becoming frequent visitors to the site and I SPY SOUL becoming a recognized brand and tastemaker for, in particular, the independent soul scene.  But it was important to be clear that there was more to the name and focus of this platform as it pertained to the music:

“I SPY SOUL focuses as much, or perhaps even more, on the element of soul as on the genre of music that carries its name. In fact, much of the music featured here boast an eclectic mix of genres, skillfully intertwined and fused by the characteristic fervor we all recognize as “soul.” Escaping categorization has become an excuse for many not to give exposure to this music despite its ability to entertain and impress. We  however, deem this a gift and celebrate those who create “outside the box” while still displaying those common threads of substance, quality, creativity – “soul.”

I SPY SOUL has now returned as not only an interview series, extending our concept to include creative folks beyond just music (to acknowledge, those with “soul” exist beyond music alone), but as an emerging lifestyle brand and movement.

We champion those who are inspiring; true to themselves; live life with passion and purpose; and care about the world around them. Those are the individuals you’ll find here.  If this excites you or if this describes you, you’re in the right place. And so join us in telling the world! I SPY SOUL

The brand, the movement that celebrates artistry and individuality. I SPY SOUL Beyond Category™

We hope you’ll enjoy your time here because I SPY SOUL for you!

Bert Caldwell

Founder/Creative Director/Executive Producer

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