Ty Causey- A few new “angles” The same great voice

Acclaimed, soulful crooner, songwriter and producer, Ty Causey can truly be described as prolific. Crafting enjoyable tracks that keenly and eloquently interpret the intricacies of love and life is a daily obsession or as he describes it, therapy.

“I write every day,” says Causey. “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t write because I see so much around me and I just try to capture things that are realistic. In order for you to capture things like that, you really have to be looking around you everyday. So pretty much everyday I’m working on something.”

Needless to say, that’s just fine for the legion of very faithful fans Causey has wooed around the globe over the years. Left to them, and admittedly if he thought it feasible, he might be putting out a project filled with those daily jewels every week. “It’s kind of weird for me because I’ve been so blessed for people to enjoy my music,” says Causey.  “It’s a style people have come to really embrace. But I have to be careful because I write so much stuff I do want to release something every week. But it doesn’t work that way,” he chuckles. “So I have to be careful to determine when [a new project] comes out.”

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