THE SOUL SEEN: Casey Benjamin and Nicole Guiland are HEAVY



Upon hearing the music of many new artists on the scene today I have repeatedly said to myself or even sometimes out loud, that the sound of the incredibly talented, super fly duo, Heavy reminds me or is reminiscent of this talented pair.  In this piece there is the suggestion that they and their sound may very well have been way ahead of its time. Hearing what’s happening on the current musical landscape as well as with the shifts and changes in the industry, it seems that could very well be the case.  And it’s true -for those of you who are not familiar with them – you would excitedly embrace them and the jewels they dropped like, “Do For You,” “Change,”  “Unbelievable,” or “Wonderlove (for Minnie),” as brand new.  For those in the know, here’s a reminder to pull your Heavy tunes from that special stash.  Without further ado,  here’s Heavy – a part of the Soul Seen.

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