Unkle Nephew and BD3 offer their look at “Paranoia”

From the burgeoning NYC collective of accomplished, multi-talented artists, Trew Culture, emerged last year a duo project from two of its founding members – sought after drummer/producer, Justin Swiney aka Unkle Nephew (UN) and highly regarded rap artist BD3. The project is called Sunnydale, named after the priced-right, sugary flavored elixir of choice for kids years ago, found in corner stores and local bodegas in the most urban areas of NYC. The “flavorful”collection with prime production from UN puts a modern day sheen on a classic hip hop vibe. And the content swings from fun-loving to scathing commentary punctuated with the swag and realness of BD3’s lyrical flow and prowess. Sunnydale with guest appearances from outstanding vocalists Melanie Charles, Kamilah, Jermaine Holmes, Edson Sean and Christina Flemming, yielded several fan favorites including the tracks, “Why Do U Luv Me,” “For The Ancestors,” and “Paranoia,” which now joins the aforementioned two with its own newly released, animated visual complement. 

As with the other tracks, the visuals for “Paranoia,” which features the immensely talented Trew Culture member Edson Sean, were done by gifted artist Noah McNeil. McNeil also happens to be an accomplished piano/keyboard player who appears on the Sunnydale project in that capacity as well and almost needless to say, is a part of the Trew Culture crew. This is a very cool, GROWN-FOLK visual with an apt psychedelic vibe, per the title of the track and the “stimulus-aided” escapades narrated in it. 

In quite a crowded field of hip hop offerings that most often employ the same clichéd template, the duo of Unkle Nephew and BD3 through their fly visuals for the tracks on the solid Sunnydale are creatively and successfully standing out. BC

Check out the “Paranoia” video below :

Also check out the animated visuals for “Why Do U Luv Me” and “For The Ancestors” (explicit content in each video)

Sunnydale and the newly released Sunnydale (Instrumentals) are available on all platforms including Spotify

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There “Ain’t No Stoppin” Marlon McClain and BD3

“Ain’t No Stoppin’ Now” is the latest release by acclaimed guitarist, songwriter and producer Marlon McClain featuring ace, Brooklyn – bred MC and lyricist, BD3. The fun and super funky uptempo track with the lyrical hip-hop flow marks the coming together of two different generations, but the seamlessness of this winning collab once again confirms funk, soul and hip hop all fall from the same fertile tree of Black American Music. It’s also the first single from McClain’s upcoming, full-length project, Funky Fridays, Vol. 2

As a teenager, McClain aka “The Magician” as he’s commonly referred to, was the co-leader and guitarist of the highly regarded 70’s progressive jazz, soul, funk band Pleasure from the Portland, Oregon area who gave us most notably the ultra funky hit, “Glide”. Later, McClain joined Grammy – winning R&B group, The Dazz Band and also began writing and/or producing songs for such luminaries as George Benson, En Vogue, Eric Benet, Toni Braxton, George Clinton, Jeff Lorber, Kenny G, and “uncle” Charlie Wilson, garnering him even more renown.

During the process of crafting “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Now,” McClain looked to add a rap artist with an East Coast vibe to the track and liked the flow and versatility of BD3, an accomplished wordsmith who wields a super solid rep on the NYC scene. He has himself  been busy even during this time of the pandemic not only dropping gems with Trew Culture collective brethren, saxophonist/producer FKAJazz (a past featured artist here) and drummer/producer UNKLE NEPHEW, but also with successful solo offerings such as Pressure & Sacrifice, 20/20 Vision and the recent EP release, trois pur trois. BD3 loved the track and how the song allowed him to show another side of himself. Needless to say, McClain’s musical instincts proved on point once again.

Amid the times much of the world currently finds itself, an uplifting, groove-filled proclamation of “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Now” is an apt one for the journey forward.  BC

Check out the very psychedelic – cool visual for the track below:

“AIN’T NO STOPPIN’ NOW” is available now on all major music platforms. For links and additional info on Marlon McClain click HERE

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