THE SOUL SEEN: Vocalist and songwriter, Anthony Hamilton


Just prior to his 2003, platinum – selling release, Comin’ From Where I’m From, I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the talented singer/songwriter, Anthony Hamilton. I remember right from the start feeling I’d known the soulful crooner like he was one of my homies from years back, catching up on what’s been going on in his life. It was indeed due in great part to his amiable personality, this is true, ( Upon letting him know of my looking forward to the CD’s release he enthusiastically responded, “Me and you both! You get it first you call me. We’re gonna ride in your car and listen to it.”), but it was also because of the voice that delivered his words with a wisdom-laced, down-home flow reminiscent of your favorite uncle from down south – a voice and tone that belied his years, heavy with experience, but full of life – a voice that has now captured a ton of industry respect, a legion of fans and oh yeah, a host of awards including a Grammy to boot. Its been a successful career still going strong with Billboard hits like “Charlene”, “Can’t Let Go”, “The Point of It All” and more for himself and a host of hot collabs with Jill Scott, Jadakiss, Nappy Roots, Angie Stone and 2Pac. His story is one many aspiring artists should hear and one many successful artists have themselves lived – Its about perseverance, timing, peaks and valleys, being yourself, believing in yourself, working on being the best you can be and most importantly faith. Here’s a look back.

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