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The expeditiously growing respect and acclaim for skill-laden, hip – hop artist and emcee JSWISS is very clear, well – earned and certainly deserved. The NY native who grew up in the small suburban town of Dobbs Ferry, has gone about building his rep the old fashioned way, through steady grinding and his undying desire to hone his craft. He’s a young artist from an old school that teaches those practices will earn him a seat at the table with the very best and keep him around for more than a minute. His efforts are paying dues putting him on notable stages including the Blue Note in NY, headlining and with elite musicians like Maurice Brown, Marcus Machado, Daru Jones, Chris “Daddy” Dave, Ben Williams, Daniel Crawford, Wes Mingus and Marcus Gilmore, and opening for legends like the God emcee Rakim or renowned hip duo EPMD. It’s also encouraging packed out shows and cranking the buzz about his talent louder and louder.

His sound ability and charisma is also showing through on his acclaimed releases that simultaneously get folks moving and thinking. It is the signature that is perhaps most intriguing about JSWISS and aligns him with the rap games most revered. He is a storyteller and life observer bringing you good times and motivation — but also other things you should hear about, be reminded of, that are perplexing and that you should not just be aware of, but should want to do something about. His latest and strongest to date, Every Word Is A Dollar has elicited buzz that suggests it’s one of the best rap releases of 2019. 

Check out this brief sit down with JSWISS produced by 12 Points Media

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