Jonas takes us “4ward Fast To Future” with Live Concert Premiere

Dane singer, songwriter and producer Jonas Rendbo or Jonas as he’s commonly known, is yet another strong example of how major the influence of Black American music, in this case soul, has been and continues to be in other parts of the world. In his formative years, Jonas was hooked like legions of us by the music of the incomparable Stevie Wonder and needless to say, that soul sound became a thirst and vital component of his own. 

Although the name might not ring significant bells to some in the U.S., over his decades long career Jonas has garnered a pretty healthy fan base of soul music cognoscenti across the world. Successfully releasing and touring his own music while also producing and crossing paths with notable soul and R&B artists like Omar, Bilal, John Legend, Joss Stone, and Lynden David Hall, has keenly secured Jonas the designation, Godfather of Scandanavian Soul.

His latest EP release 4ward Fast To Future is a collaboration with The Scratch Professer, who happens to be the brother of UK soul music icon Omar, and a talented producer in his own right. These were songs the two crafted while putting together Jonas’ second album, W.A.I.T.T. but were not used for that project. Like treasures buried in time, these tracks were pulled to the surface and shined to an impressive polish. The EP was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered under the confines of the pandemic lockdown in Jonas’ apartment in Copenhagen and released in May amassing enthusiastic reviews and critical acclaim. The project is indeed, soulfully infused, hip and filled with super cool, infectious grooves, and first-rate arrangements with a delivery from Jonas which is silky smooth, but undeniably skilled and impassioned.       

With the limitations of being able to tour live in promotion of the release, Jonas hooked up with the collective, 2 PLAY to record an engagingly cool live-session of the songs from the EP at the STC Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark. The performance proves an apt and enjoyable interpretation of 4ward Fast To Future, bringing to living color the energy as well as the impressive vocal and music arrangements of the recording while setting the perfect backdrop for Jonas’ to do his thing. In light of the limitations of the moment, this is a winning window and perhaps introduction to this talented artist.

Check it out below:

4ward Fast To Future is available on all major music platforms including Spotify And also check out 4ward Fast To Future (REMIXES) also available on all major music platforms

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