Video interview: Photographer Kreshonna Keane

For most of us 2020 is a year we’d very much like to forget happened even though there’s still just a little less than half of it to go. Specifics to support this are likely not necessary. But in the midst of all the mayhem, tragedy and uncertainty, there are many who believe, are examples and have operated from the position that this time will birth new opportunity if you’re paying attention, are not afraid to explore and to act.  Case in point, Kreshonna Keane

Coming into this tumultuous year, the talented, twenty- five year old photographer who hails from the boogie – down Bronx, was already creating a lively buzz with her engaging style. It’s a now signature style the impressive photog, who graduated high school at fifteen, became a photo assistant at sixteen while attending college and has already traveled to twenty-five countries, crafted that vividly tells stories of her neighborhood with luscious color and fashionably swag. 

When the pandemic took hold and almost literally padlocked us all inside, in addition to sharing her gems that featured others and stunning self-portraits of Keane herself via social media, she also embraced a concept born of the quarantine – FaceTime shoots. It wasn’t something she thought much of at first. Many others didn’t either. But then she discovered how she could bring her signature approach to this apparent fad and once Twitter got hold, Keane’s kite of recognition caught a hurricane force wind. I SPY SOUL caught up with Kreshonna Keane in the special quarantine version, video interview via Zoom above to talk about her style, motivation, the recognition, and more. BC

To see more work and keep up with photographer Kreshonna Keane, visit her on Instagram @ VisualsbyK or go to her website @

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