“The Pulse” celebrates Black Music Month with Grammy-nominated duo, The Baylor Project

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On this episode, in celebration of Black Music MonthThe Pulse host and WBGO Afternoon Jazz radio personality, Keanna Faircloth talks with outstanding, husband and wife duo, The Baylor Project

The Grammy – nominated artists, who were firmly established separately before joining musically and as a married couple, have become acclaimed favorites for an ever burgeoning audience. With their splendid sound which harnesses the spectrum of Black music from soul to jazz to R&B, The Baylor Project are perfect guests to speak to the breadth and significance of the music.

The Pulse is the great brainchild of Keanna Faircloth who presents an outstanding array of burgeoning and acclaimed artists with a common strand of jazz, but with a mix of other musical influences. The Pulse is presented live on the WBGO Facebook , and subsequently available here on I SPY SOUL.net as well as on the WBGO website.

Join Keanna and The Baylor ProjectWednesday June 16 @ 8PM LIVE on the WBGO Facebook Page for an always enjoyable conversation including filling us in on their anticipated new project, Generations coming out June 18 and more.

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For more info on the The Baylor Project go click HERE

Another new “Pulse” features Sarah Vaughan Competition winner, Samara Joy and more

On this episode, The Pulse host and WBGO Afternoon Jazz radio personality, Keanna Faircloth talks with burgeoning jazz vocalist, Samara Joy.

The talented singer has achieved several honors including winning the prestigious Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition (SVVC) in 2019 and will be releasing her anticipated, self-titled debut album on July 9.

The second half of this episode will feature this year’s SVVC finalists – Benny Bennack III, Hailey Brinnel, Tawanda Suessbrich-Joaquim, and Gabrielle Cavassa. 

Join Keanna, Samara, and this year’s SVVC finalists, Wednesday May 26th @ 8PM LIVE on the WBGO Facebook Page for an always enjoyable and enlightening conversation.

For more about Samara Joy visit her website @ https://samarajoy.com/home

This month on “The Pulse” features violinist, Tomoko Omura

On this episode, in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month, The Pulse host and WBGO Afternoon Jazz radio personality, Keanna Faircloth talks with accomplished jazz violinist and composer, Tomoko Omura.

Omura is considered a prominent voice amongst today’s jazz violinist confirmed by acclaim coming from several noted platforms including Downbeat magazine who named her a “Rising Star” from 2015-2019 in their renowned Critic’s Poll.

Join Keanna and Tomoko, Wednesday May 19th @ 8PM LIVE on the WBGO Facebook Page for an always enjoyable and enlightening conversation as they talk about her musical journey including including her latest, Branches Vol. 1

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Video interview: WBGO Afternoon Jazz host, Keanna Faircloth

“Grown folks music.” It’s a phrase proudly used more and more these days to describe styles of music that are otherwise deemed commercially irrelevant if not embraced by the hotbed demographic of 18 – 34 year olds. Thankfully, there is life after thirty-four and that moniker proclaims, “Hey, we’re here too and you young’ uns can have ‘your’ music, we’ve got our own.”   But is there really such a thing as “grown folks music” or for that matter, “young people’s music?” Can’t what you like be more about exposure and simply what moves you both literally and figuratively regardless of age? 

Jazz is certainly one of those genres that, for the most part, lives within the arena of “grown folks music,” but no one told a young Keanna Faircloth that when she fell in love with the music. “I was introduced to jazz probably when I was eleven years old,” says Faircloth. The recently tapped Afternoon Jazz host at fabled jazz radio station WBGO, grew up playing classical piano, but admired the sounds of jazz she heard early on. It’s something her parents astutely recognized and gladly fostered. “I was kind of a weird kid. I would just want to sit around and listen to jazz. The first album I remember I fell in love with was Miles Davis’, Kind Of Blue. I remember being in middle school, just sitting and studying that record,” she recalls as the album cover hangs prominently on the wall behind her. “My parents really did just nurture my love of jazz and I think I loved jazz even more than they did. And they would take me to clubs. I was the only kid in Blues Alley in DC where I grew up.” She even remembers having the chance to play for legendary jazz pianist Dave Brubeck when she was 12. “I got to play (acclaimed track) “Take Five” or at least my attempt at playing “Take Five” for Dave,” she jokes. “I really love all types of music. I find beauty in almost every genre of music, but jazz is near and dear to my heart.” 

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