DMD brings “After Dark” to light!

One third of the dynamic trio DMD, guitar phenom Marcus Machado, featured here on ISPYSOUL, recalls the impetus for the three stellar musicians ultimately coming together as a story of Kevin Bacon like connection and sheer admiration. Last year after finishing up his acclaimed EP, 29, Machado got to talking with one of his collaborators on the project, the renowned music mixologist and producer, DJ Spinna, while in the imagestudio about whom he might be thinking of to bring the outstanding project to life in performance. “We were just talking about musicians and stuff,” says Machado. “And he said, wow, when you finish this album, who are you going to get to be part of your band? And I said man, it would be crazy to get Daru Jones on drums because he’s one of my favorite drummers – he reminds me a lot of Buddy Miles, kind of like with Jimi [Hendrix] and the Band of Gypsys and that whole type of vibe – a power drummer, just an incredible drummer – that would be crazy to get Daru Jones to play.”

At that point is when the “dots” started to collide because as it happened, Spinna knew the drummer Jones whose impressive resume boasts work with an eclectic mix of noted artists such as guitarist Jack White, Nas, Talib Kweli, Slum Village and Esparanza Spaulding to name a few. Spinna wasted no time and called Jones on the spot and needless to say, Machado and Jones immediately clicked. Machado sent Jones some of the tracks from the EP and he was not only hooked and down to play in support of that project, he opened the door for that last “dot” to be brought into the fold. “ I sent [Jones] some of the songs off of 29, and he was like, yo! We gotta do something together! And then he goes, matter of fact, I just got out of the studio with Doug Wimbish and we just did some jams together- we just recorded some different ideas. And then he goes, would you be down to record some stuff? And I go, of course! Just send it to me.”

As it turned out, Machado had met and known standout bassist Doug Wimbish of the legendary rock squad, Living Colour, through noted multi-instrumentalist, producer and co-founder of eclectic soul group, The Family Stand, V Jeffrey Smith, who Machado counts as a major mentor. The two groups were part of the Black Rock Coalition and Machado, as a young guitar prodigy, was performing as a member of The Family Stand. Jones sent Machado those ideas as he describes as “killin” and ultimately laid down his own magic on them.

“After Dark,” is the first single from those ideas and the highly- anticipated DMD project coming in the Spring and serves as a funky, cool and groove–laden taste of what’s to come. Check it out below and stay tuned for more here on ISPYSOUL when it drops!

Click the link to get “After Dark” on iTunes

Or Apple Music

  1. This is great stuff! Daru played for ONUTSS when they did The Luther Vandross Tribute in 2009 so I know this project is going to be good! Looking forward to hearing it.

    Love your blog, ispysoul!!


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