JSWISS: Nothin’ more, Nothin’ less

Talented MC JSWISS has steadily,methodically, impressively been piling up fans and making real big strides on the part of the hip-hop scene that embraces a quality flow, substantive lyricism and creativity. And he’s done it without sacrificing the element of entertainment and straight up movin’ the crowd. His sound and approach reflect an influence from and respect for the architects of the genre as well as those who have infused it with eclectic musicality – Case in point, opening for hip-hop royalty, “The God MC” Rakim to performing with stellar jazz, funk units Tiger Speak or Phantom Pop and so much more in between including collaborations with outstanding artists such as producer/keyboardist, Daniel Crawford, vocalist Karen Bernod, and poet Dasan Ahanu.

While the 24 year old, NY native continues to perform and impress audiences and music peers a like, he’s also currently in the lab recording what is certain to be his most ambitious project yet. ISPYSOUL will be sitting down with him when that comes closer, but in the meantime we’re sharing a little something from JSWISS that he and others in the hip-hop game do when moved by a “sick” instrumental – what else? They drop some “ill” lyrics over it son! (Sorry, got carried away there) In this case, the music is from the standout Jazz/Funk crew on the rise from Richmond, Virginia, Butcher Brown (a band we hope to have featured here very soon!) and their latest, GROWN FOLK. Make sure to check this and their project, JELLOWSTONE.

He calls it, Nothinmorenothinless. Check it out below!


Photo: Robert Adam Mayer


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