ArinMaya wants you to be a part of her journey, right this “Moment.”

Arin+Maya+Photoshoot+-++Photographed+by+Solwazi+Afi+Olusola-37When listening to singer songwriter ArinMaya you’ll be hard pressed not to conclude that her artistic, if not life’s, mission is to be a “beacon of light.” From the inviting tone of the Chi-town native, who now calls Brooklyn, NY home, to the way she moves and sways when she performs, you see it.  It’s evident there’s not only a sincere joy from being blessed with the talent she’s been gifted, but from also sharing the gift with any who will listen. That’s because there are messages she wants you to hear – affirmations if you will – that you’re special, deserving, strong and more.  

ArinMaya, a busy veteran on the New York Indie-soul scene as a solo artist, as well as through the years performing with award- winning vocalist, Maya Azucena and as part of talented collective, The Experi3nce, is now charting a course toward realizing her full vision or calling. Three years since her last project, The Sound of ArinMaya Volume 2, Arin+Maya1+Photoshoot+-++Photographed+by+Solwazi+Afi+Olusola-6she has signaled the charge in two ways. First, with the release of a revved -up new rendering of the insightful, inspiring track, “Moment,” from the aforementioned project that will now, not only move your soul, but is sure to move your body as well.  Speaking to the premise of the song, which features vocalist Stephanie Rooker and was produced by multitalented artist Edson Sean, ArinMaya proclaims, “Our mistakes and ugliness don’t have to define us…we can grow beyond any and every situation that tries to break us.”

And then, there is the second part of this two pronged charge which is the announcement of her Indiegogo campaign to facilitate the making of that treasured vision – A  full length project she calls Afro Ratchet Soul. As ArinMaya describes in both a written and video overview, “Afro Ratchet Soul is an original collection of sound offerings I’m creating with the intention to heal and inspire us all to be the fullest, most authentic and free versions of ourselves.” It’s clear ArinMaya seems ready to absolutely seize the Moment.


For the full scope of the concept and to be a part of her journey click here:

For a daily dose of motivation meant to move your mind, body and soul right this “Moment” check it out on Spotify or iTunes 

And to learn more about ArinMaya go to



 Photos: Solwazi Afi Olusola  


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