“Rise” is the clarion call from Butter in his new single and video

0Butter, might best be described as nearly a “jack of all creative trades.” The list of his talents – drummer, producer, songwriter, filmmaker, DJ and video director – certainly suggests that description would not be far off base. He might also be considered a savvy, 21st century artist who recognized the value in this high time of DIY independence in the music industry to have complete control of your creative vision, from soup to nuts.  It’s clear in the crafting of his single, “Rise”  and it’s visual complement, bringing a creative vision to fruition is high on his list and it seems here achieved.

268x0wButter, whose impressive credits include work with Lalah Hathaway, Take 6, Leela James and Walter Beasley to name a few, enlists assistance for “Rise” from highly-esteemed vocalist, Melonie Daniels-Walker and renowned trumpet wiz, Roy Hargrove. It also includes special guest appearances from acclaimed artists, Monet on flute and Mark Bowers on guitar.

On it’s own, Butter lays down an infectious, high energy, club music vibe with soaring, spirit-lifting vocals from Daniels and jazz tinged artistry from Hargrove that’s likely to get your body and soul movin’. But the imaginatively cool video for sure kicks the call up a notch for all of us to “Rise.  BC                   

Check it out below:


To purchase “Rise” go to iTunes or Amazon.com

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