Ty Causey reveals a new song and a few new “angles”

“Mellifluous, enticing, passionate and dexterous – these are superlatives most certainly appropriate for defining the style and sound of singer/songwriter/ producer, Ty Causey.”

“ . . . an artist that harkens back to the storied crooners of the past, but with a present day sheen that boasts a collage of R&B, jazz, and sensual soul.”

“ Causey’s warm tone, expansive range and superb delivery together with an obvious songwriting prowess that brackets the worlds of love and romance, is a joy to discover. And discover you most certainly will as he lays down poetic prose with charm and swaying sincerity on pleasing cuts throughout . . .”

imageThese are some of the things I wrote for marketing used in promotion of Ty Causey’s very first release in 2004, N-TYSING, during my time working with him. (Note: There will be more about how I came to meet and work with the talented artist in my first ever interview with Causey coming here to ISPYSOUL very soon!)

The project featured instant fan favorites and now classic Causey tunes, “Keep It Smooth”, “Your Love’s A Mystery”, “Everything About Cha” and “Reminisce In the Moonlight” as well as guest appearances from legendary, contemporary jazz sax man, Najee and talented bassist, Nelson Braxton know as part of contemporary jazz duo, Braxton Brothers and his work with the remarkable vocalist, Ledisi. The internationally acclaimed N-Tysing was a strong introduction to the Indiana native and instantly moved him to the list of elite vocalists in the adult R&B category.

Flash to 2017 and the words still apply as Causey is still going strong with his trademark sound of smooth R&B and sensual soul,  satisfying his legion of faithful imagefans as well as proving to be quite prolific, releasing twelve projects including Christmas and Gospel ones producing more acclaimed and chart-topping gems.

Well another one is on the way in a couple of days entitled, TYANGLES (You got it right?) and to get you ready for that and our upcoming interview with him, here’s a look and listen to the newest single release from the project, “Won’t You Be My Lady.” And as always, Ty provides a perfect script for the fellas to woo the special lady they’ve had their eye on and captures the intrigue of the female persuasion with affecting lines, infectious grooves, and the engaging, silky smooth flow he’s become known for.

Bert Caldwell


TYANGLES is available now. Check it out and purchase here


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