Raul Midon shows us how to “Fly Like An Eagle”

You know how you react when you see a magician do an incredible trick, right in front of your eyes? You stand there, with your jaw dropped, looking absolutely in awe at him or her, wondering what just happened? Wondering how in the world did they do that? If you ever see incredible vocalist, songwriter and amazing guitarist, Raul Midon, that’s how you’ll feel. But it’s no trick, just sheer, mind-blowing talent. One man, with a guitar, a mic and a flawless voice mesmerizes you with virtuosity, inventiveness and an engaging spirit that is beyond entertaining – its special – its, well, magical. imageSomehow, that enchantment translates to his recording as well with a spell that whips doses of Jazz, Soul and more into amazing musical moments. The highly revered artist, who has over the years fascinated audiences and legends of the music world alike, is about to release his ninth studio project called Bad Ass and Blind. Yes, he is, in fact blind, since birth. And yes, indeed he is Bad Ass – a description, it is said, was given an “amen” to by the legendary Bill Withers.

One of the tracks from the anticipated, upcoming release, dropping on March 24, is Midon’s wonderfully creative take on the Steve Miller Band hit, “Fly Like an Eagle.” Instantly, that magical moment appears as a slower beat creates a deeper pocket and a sequence of mesmeric chord changes under the opening verse have you asking that question- “What just happened?” And then there is the voice, his voice that soars like the title suggests.

Needless to say, Midon puts his own splendid spin on the classic, a song that holds a special place in his early music memories. He shares why that is along with the delicate task of making something your own while still keeping the essence of original:

Fly Like an Eagle is the first LP I ever bought with my own money. I was enthralled with the synthesizer parts and sparked by the message of revolution and hope.

Whenever I do a cover I am challenged by the fact that I like the original so much.
It is for me, a tightrope walk, to maintain the integrity of the song and yet make it my own. I changed the key to a darker sounding A flat, slowed down the tempo a bit, and re-harmonized the verses to give it a mysterious quality. This is in keeping with the linear model sound found throughout the record.

I also wanted the ending to feel wistful, sad, and soulful like you might hear on a Marvin Gaye or Curtis Mayfield record. Fly Like an Eagle is a testimonial to the power of possibility. “

Check out Raul Midon’s rendition below to hear what he means:

Click here to preorder the anticipated upcoming release and  stayed tuned for our upcoming video interview with Raul Midon right here on ISPYSOUL!

In.the meantime, to find out more about him and performances in your area go to RaulMidon.com


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