Maya Azucena:Unleashing a new song and a new vision!

The very talented vocalist, songwriter, actress, and artist, Maya Azucena, has been featured here twice before and with good reason. She is indeed, the full embodiment of the ISPYSOUL concept and because of individuals like her, why the platform was created.

The multi- award winner is the consummate artist- independent, incredibly gifted, amazingly creative, passionate, and genuine – with a work ethic and commitment to her craft that is unsurpassed. She literally travels the world on the regular – Africa, Russia, Turkey, Europe, Croatia, etc. – enduring, seemingly, round the clock travel and weather extremes to perform for audiences that range from small to stadiums with tens of thousands, all with the same fire, joy and expertness. The music she creates has a consistent strand and does, in every way, come from her soul- unflinchingly honest, revealing, and emotional – seeking always to uplift your spirits, empower and extend a musical hand laced with love to walk with through the darkness of your doubts and challenges or celebrate your joy. But as much as Azucena’s beautiful, powerful and 4-octave ranged voice and music are for entertainment, they are also her tools. Combined they are her megaphone to rail against injustice, domestic abuse, and inequality the world over. But even then, she leaves audiences with gloves to climb the rope of hope out of their situation- out of despair and to a mindset that change and great things are possible. And so, on that note, it is apt that Azucena would release her new single, entitled, “Unleash Me.”

On this driving, pulsating track, as all great artists do, she reveals more of her musical and artistic range and through her inspiring lyrics, encourages others to unleash their owns gifts and be the person they want to be. In Azucena’s own words she explains the impetus of “Unleash Me” this way, “Many times, I feel like a bird in a cage. When I try to be what I am, I feel held back and bruised by my confines. I long, with all my heart, to soar free and unfettered. I long for the seen and unseen obstacles to be removed. I desire not to hold in the fire that burns within. I see myself with wings, fully stretched to their capacity, obstacles fallen away, so that I can fly and be who I am, without hesitation. Empowered. I feel this personal account of my feelings is relatable to anyone whose greatest potential burns inside. This song is an anthem for all who’ve had to overcome dark challenges in order to fly. This song speaks to the greatness we walk with, that may have been undermined, hidden, or forbidden. It is a celebration of our greatness. And WILL be unleashed.”

Maya Azucena is indeed “unleashed” and ready to fly high!

Check out the song “Unleash Me” and the great promotional video talking about Maya Azucena, the new single and upcoming project, below:

For more check out Maya

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